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October 10, 6-8 pm. Nik was delighted to join us virtually via FaceTime for an evening of song, chant and healing at the new barefoot shul, Zimrat Yah, in Grace Lutheran Church, 3869 State Street, Santa Barbara. This benefit will help Nik Green in his healing journey with cancer, to help cover costs of extra supplements and treatment.

Alison Zuber and Gwendolyn McClure guided the event. Alison Zuber is a neurodevelopmental movement therapist and the Spiritual Director of Zimrat Yah. Dr. Gwendolyn McClure, who developed the therapeutic modality of vocal sound healing, teaches courses and leads groups throughout the United States.

You can still donate online using our secure PayPal server, even if you could not be at the event. Nik is recovering from his stint in the hospital with pneumonia, responding very well to new immunotherapy treatment (Nivolumab) combined with nutritional supplements.


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The Away Team "Aliens on Line" "Topsy Turvy World" 2011 Quirky Electronic Pop, Female Vocals, weird ambience, trippy, grooves, music for and by aliens . . . ..