EArth from space


FREE CDS to the first 100 people who . . .

donate $20 or more to the Feal Good Foundation-- with a promise to review our latest album "Topsy Turvy World"

And we will send you a copy of our CD "Topsy Turvy World"


1. Go to the The Feal Good Foundation

2. Donate $20 or more and put "The Away Team sent me " as a note in your donation.

3. Then, please remember to

send us a copy of your review - or link to where it is reviewed.




Or you can wait a couple weeks and order your CD directly through us

for $11 (plus shipping) and we will instead of giving up percentages to other online distributors, we will gift $3 from each sale to the Feal Good Foundation.

This option will be available here shortly.


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