Digital Audio Links and Resources

General Info Page - Some info may be dated, since things change quickly, but this is a good place to start.

Digital Revolution history


Napster Watch

Napster Pricing

Copyright.Info on copyright law

Recording Connection: an established music industry school where students train for careers as professional recording engineers.

Some Multi-Track Digital Audio Recording Software

Syntrillium's CoolEdit Pro, PC

IQS Saw Plus SEK'd Samplitude PC

Cubase VST, PC/Mac

MOTU Digital Performer,Mac

E-Magic Logic Audio

Opcode Vision DSP.Mac

Cubasis, a good entry level program

Pro Tools Free, PC, Mac

This page has a bunch of software, descriptions and links

Pro Tools, and use Pro Tools, Masterlist and Jam for mastering.

Digidesign has Pro Tools Free, for PC and Mac. It will not work with Digidesign's hardware however and is intended to entice you to buy their product in full, which is quite expensive.

Easy CD Creator5 and Roxio Toast 5. go beyond the software that probably came bundled with your CD recorder. Now you can burn and share anything on CD - your music just the way you like it, your photos, your video - even backup your critical data - faster and easier than ever.

Sound Card: We have used three different sound cards in three different machines: Korg 1212, Sonorus StudI/O and a Digidesign Audio Media III card.

Articles Choosing a Recording Set up

Home Recording Website

There are all sorts of resources and books on the subject such as The Quick Guide to Digital Audio

There are many sites and user forums devoted to problems with digital audio recording. Audioamigo has tips for PC users. Harmony Central is another good on-line resource.


Digital keyboards: list and links to keyboards.

softsynths -Shareware and demos

Retro AS-1 softsynth, classic analog architecture in software

Absynth,soft softsynth with signal routing facilities.

Metasynth paint with sound for Mac

Spectrasonics sound libraries/loops.

some mics


Microtech Gefell UM92 favorite tube mic of choice

Studio Projects C-1 amazing condenser mic for the price


midi overview

midi solutions for the Mac

Fastlane inexpensive USB midi interface for Mac

Opcode More extensive USB midi interface for Mac/PC

Megawolf Serial PCI for Mac

Midi EXPress Midi interface, SMPTE synchronizer for Mac/PC

Digital Time Piece Digital synchronization hub for midi time code, wordclock Mac/PC


USB Audio Interfaces

Wave Terminal


Firewire Audio Interfaces

Motu Firewire interface

The Future and more phun stuff.

Rocket Network Collaborate online using midi or audio

Acid loop based production tool for PC

Groovemaker real time loop mixer, phun

Videodelic music, images, effects for Mac

Kyma Capybara sound design playground for Mac/PC, serious DSP capabilities.

Here’s a list of what you might need to begin the adventure of hard disk audio recording:


the computer $1000-3000

the monitor $ 200-800

the soundcard $ 350-1000

dedicated hard drive(s) $ 200-600

cd-r/cd-rw $ 200-600 - if not built in

recording software $ 100-800 cd-r/cd-rw software $ 80-100

possible needs: SCSI card $ 120-300

UltraDMA-66/100 card $ 300


speakers all sorts of info

external mixer choosing a mixer for your home studio

microphones info page on microphones, for first time buyer

And after this, it’s endless....;-)Brief Studio Overview on Recording

Our own brief tutorial on Digital Audio

More Music Links


live365 - Lotsa stations

There Online interviews, magazine


Goodnoise unlimited MP3 downloads, monthly fee

CD Now Record Shop Interviews and Music News

CD Universe another record shop, affiliates program

Music - E, Music only search

Wired Planet Streaming Music and video

CD Debut Independents, Debut Radio, Real Audio, Mp3

Seven South Records (Santa Barbara bands) cool links

Lycos Music has Independent section

Audio Galaxy

Listen Tour dates, mag, mp3's

Listen to This Independent music, downloads

First Look Members Rate songs and movies, listen to samples

IUMA (one of the original on-line musician friendly sites) What you might expect....

iMusic -- music channels, chat, mag, indexes . . . .

Live Live videos from unsigned bands

CDBABY.COM Cool place for independent artists to sell their music 

Kathode Ray Music Promotion for Unsigned Bands

Harmony Central Find Musical Gear/Sounds

Sonic State By musicians for musicians, gear & stuff

Pro Audio Net, Equipment

Mp3 Tech, What you want to know about Mp3 Format

Gavin (radio and industry news)

AFIM (industry association for independent labels)